Eyelash Tint


Make on your eyelash expressive! Be beautiful, become beautiful by using the Eyelash Tint.
Eyebrows & Eyelashes services in ‘Healthy Looks’ Beauty Salon in Rufford Newark Notts UK provides this treatment to make your look beautiful.


Price & booking

Eyelash Tint 20 mins from £8.50 Booking

Skin test required up to 24 hours prior to treatment!


Eyelash Tint – How does it work?

Eyelash Tint in 'Healthy Looks' beauty salon in Rufford Notts UKEyelash Tint is one of the top treatments well known from ancient time. Egypt and Middle East is countries of origin.


What are the benefits Eyelash Tint?

It is safe. It will not harm the skin, because it does not use potentially harmful chemicals. It lasts weeks ,and tints eyebrows hair and makes a shade on the skin.

  • This treatment is suitable for all skin types, but skin test are requared 24 hours before this treatment!!!


How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
It takes to treat eyelashes no more than 20 minutes.


Booking: Eyelash Tint

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