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SPA & Therapy salon ‘HEALTHY LOOKS’ provides you the best world experience of SPA’s to make your body healthy and beautiful and in perfect harmony with your soul. We offer you different massage services, different facial skin care services, SPA rituals and programs, Thalassotherapy THALGO treatments and other therapies.



Be beautiful and attractive! Become beautiful and attractive! Reveal your skin’s beauty and radiance! Choose a suitable treatment for yourself that your facial skin was delightful.

Hot Stones therapy

Hot Stone therapy uses various massage techniques and warm stones, allowing your body to be relaxed to it’s deepest level, creating a feeling of well being, harmony and balance. Hot Stone therapy is also excellent for relieving joint and muscle aches as the heat penetrates deep into your muscles and bones.

Swedish Body Massages

A Swedish Body Massage is designed to drain excess fluids, improve circulation and ease tense muscles.

Indian Head Massage

Using specific pressure on the Marma points on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms, an Indian Head Massage helps to rebalance the patterns of energy-flow throughout the body.

Thalassotherapy THALGO

Restore the natural chemical balance of the body.
The principle behind Thalassotherapy THALGO is that repeated exposure to sea air and immersion in warm sea water, mud, clay, and protein rich algae helps restore the body’s natural chemical balance.
Seawater and marine plasma are very similar when immersed in warm sea water the body absorbs the minerals it needs throughout the skin.

Hopi Ear Candles

Calm the mind, soothe head and ears, relax pleasant naturally and release new energies. This can help the following conditions: Excessive Ear Wax, Tinnitus, Headaches and many more.


SPA is a complex of health procedures using water, seaweed and sea salt, medicinal plants and therapeutic mud.
The SPA DAY package at the Healthy Looks salon is an exquisite luxurious pampering session that includes several treatments to choose from, as well as lunch and drinks.

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‘Healthy Looks’ SPA & Therapy salon in Rufford Newark Nottingham UK

Visit of ‘Healthy Looks’ SPA & therapy salon in Rufford Newark Nottingham UK will plunge you into pleasant atmosphere with an individual approach to each client and highest quality of services.