COSMO new Facial


The ‘Healthy Looks’ Cosmetic Clinic in Rufford Notts UK provides the COSMO new FACIAL for skin tightening and rejuvenation and muscles toning.
You are offered various technologies and the best materials to keep your skin smooth and healthy and make your looks was attractive and beautiful.

Price & booking

COSMO new Facial 45 mins  £ 25  Booking


What it is COSMO new Facial?

COSMO new Facial - skin rejuvenation in ‘Healthy Looks’ Cosmetic Clinic in Rufford Nottinghamshire

The DiaDENS-Cosmo therapy effects are based on weak current (microcurrents) exposure to the skin, which restore of muscle and vessel tone, improve of microcirculation processes, normalizate the skin nutrition and, as a consequence, activate of all metabolic processes, which, in its turn, causes skin looks fresh and attractive again!

Why this is done?

As a result of treatment you will have:

  • restoration of muscle and vessel tone
  • improvement of microcirculation processes
  • normalization of skin nutrition
  • activation of all metabolic processes
  • causes skin rejuvenation
  • the skin looks fresh and attractive again.

How is it done?

DiaDENS-Cosmo microcurrents effect the facial skin through an electrode mask with a current conductive coating. To ensure steady and quality exposure of microcurrents and to improve cosmetic effect of skin rejuvenation, one of the specially formulated beauty masks should be applied to the skin under the electrode mask.

The following four types of beauty masks are formulated for application with the DiaDENS-Cosmo:

  1. Nutritional mask with oceanic fish roe extract – for application in the ‘Nutrition’ mode of the device. Promotes moisturizing and nutrition of the skin, prevents its premature aging.
  2. Nutritional mask with swallow’s nest extract – for application in the ‘Nutrition’ mode of the device. Shows whitening, nutritional and rejuvenating effect in the skin. Enzymes of this mask softly peel cellular debris off the skin surface, smoothing it out.
  3. Moisturizing and purifying mask – for application in the ‘Nutrition’ mode of the device. Softens the skin layer, promotes muscles contraction and prevents inflammation through its antibacterial properties.
  4. Napkin mask – for application in the “Lymphatic drainage” mode. Before application the mask is to be dampened with a saline solution (0.9% NaCl solution) or 1% solution of Carlsbad salt.

How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
To perform treatment will take only 45 minutes!

Booking: COSMO new Facial

Simply and easily you can you book this treatment for any available time of any day and the month.
Only after you will receive an approval Email, your booking will be accepted. You can be sure that the booking time will be at your disposal.


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