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No one can say exactly where and when originated the massages, but you can definitely say that this is an incredibly effective treatment that will help relieve fatigue, soothe, rejuvenation.
The ‘Healthy Looks’ Spa & therapy salon in Rufford Newark Notts UK provides different massage treatments for back & body, head & leg, indian & aromatherapy & relax massage & etc.
You are offered various technologies and only the best products for your well being.



Introductory Back Neck & Shoulders Massage

Introductory back neck & shoulders massage will relaise the stressed and frozen muscles. All active ingredients such as natural and essential oils will smooth our skin and relax your brain.

Relax Massage with exfoliation

Relax Massage with exfoliation 60 mins  £ 40
(usually £ 45)

Deep exfoliation with aroma – salt scrub (of you choose) gives your skin freshness & healthy glow. Followed by relaxing preciuse oil massage gives you moisturising & serenity…

Perfect for sun holidays ( prepare your skin for your perfect sun tanning).


La Sultane de Saba Treatment


All Man’s will LOVE this fresh, energising treatment that melts away all stresses and muscular tension from the key areas: back, shoulder and scalp.

Beginning with a black soap cleanse on the back, face and neck alongside infused hot towels. An invigorating kessa glove removes all the dead skin, warming the muscles before melting into a Green Tea Ginger Back Massage.
This deep massages eases away all muscular aches and pains before the organic anti-ageing prickly pear oil is used for a stress-relieving face, neck and scalp massage.



Aroma-Energy Candles back Massage 40 mins  £ 30
(usually £ 40)

New…. Candlelight care concept. With the use of Luxurious Massage candles, which are made from apricot stone oil, rich in Vitamins A & E, this, beautifully silky oil, with its wonderful smooth texture, softens and regenerates the skin.

Its red seaweed content, remineralises, moisturises and revitalises the skin, also its fresh & floral perfume with tones of Orange, Ylang-Ylang over a background of delightful Musk tones gently awakens the senses.


SWEDISH Massages

 Swedish Full body Massage 60 mins  £ 45 Booking
 Swedish back Massage  30 mins  £ 30  Booking

Swedish massages uses a combination of different gentle hand movements for relaxation which assists in helping reduce muscle pain, easing joint stiffness, and counteracting stress symptoms.

It also improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, mobility, skin tone, elasticity and breaks down unwanted cellulite.


HOT STONE Massages

Hot Stone full body Massage 75 mins  £ 50.00  Booking
Hot Stone back Massage 40 mins  £ 35.00 Booking

Hot stone massages is a form of massages therapy that uses specialized stones called Basalt. These stones hold heat, helping to create a deep tissue massage, very beneficial for the release of tense knotted muscles.



Indian Head Massage 35 mins  £ 30  Booking

An Indian head massage with or without oils, included neck, shoulders, hands and arms massage.Relax for you neck and shoulders muscles and distress for the brain. Improvenment of the blood circulation



Aromatherapy is the useing of essential oils to promote healing and feeling of well-being and relaxation. There are several ways of applying the oils but the most popular and effective is thought to be massages.



National Health Service (NHS) recommended!
This purifying back treatment combines natural marine ingredients to deep cleanse, detoxify and smooth the skin. Includes a Marine Mask Algae (MMA) for back. Suitable for clients suffering from back acne or blocked pores.
Recommended as a course of 6 weekly treatments.
Discount: buy 5 and get 1 treatment for free!


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