Brazilian Manicure


Nail Services in ‘Healthy Looks’ beauty salon in Rufford Nottinghamshire offers a  Brazilian Manicure. Its done for nails and hands care without soaking in water. Highly recommended for people with psoriasis.

Price & booking

Brazilian Manicure 60 mins from £ 16 Booking


What is Brazilian Manicure?

Brazilian Manicure - Nail services in 'Healthy Looks' Beauty Salon in Rufford Nottinghamshire UK

It is nail and skin care when special gloves used enriched with special  exfoliating  and moisturizing vitamin complex.


How is it done?

How to perform a Brazilian Manicure? - Nail services in 'Healthy Looks' Beauty Salon in Rufford Nottinghamshire UK

First of all, the  cuticles has to be pushed and wanted  shape of your nails has to be done.  Followed  by warm gloves – perfect masc for your hands and nails. After 15 mins , classic manicure is apply .Finish is  nail varnish polishing of your choice.


How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
Reveal your nails beauty and radiance in just 60 minutes!


Booking: Brazilian Manicure

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