Japanese Hands & Nails SPA Ritual MASURA


Nail Services in ‘Healthy Looks’ Beauty salon in Rufford Nottingham UK provides Japanese Hands & Nails SPA Ritual MASURA.
If you want to achive perfect, well-groomed hands with long natural fingernails – do not despair, try a new kind of manicure, which has been used successfully for meny years.
Japanese manicure cames to us recently. Women who have tried it, claiming that it is the real magic. Nails become stronge and the skin of the hands becomes velvety.


Price & booking

Japanese Hands & Nails SPA Ritual MASURA 1 hour 30 mins from £ 28 Booking


What is Japanese Hands & Nails SPA Ritual MASURA?

What is Japanese Hands & Nails SPA Ritual MASURA? - Nail Services Beauty Salon in Rufford Nottingham UK - Healthy LooksJapanese Hands & Nails SPA Ritual MASURA is an efficient narural nail care system.

Suitable for women and for men.

How this is done?

  1.  Before start working, the your beauty therapist will diagnosis your nails and choose the right products. Each client need an individual programm.
  2.  After softening the cuticle and push it the nail plate strengthening work starts. Mineral paste composed with components such as calcium strengthen a fingernail will be applied and rub it deeply into nail plate till its get shiny glow. Minerals helps to grow faster and keep upper layer of the nail well moisturised. Than is a thin layer of powder will apply on the top of the nail, which is nail plate protection.
  3.  Completion manicure session – is aspecial massage with hot pads. It is filled with mineral salt and special sand and quartz, also essential oils and dry Japanese flowers. Massage helps to increase blood circulation and relax the muscles.
    Japanese manicure MASURA is an efficient natural nail care system. Firming and nourishing weak, dry nails preventing and treating peeling and splitting.
    Highly recommended after artificial nails removal, when its plate needs intensive restoration.
    This ritual uses key cell building blocks such as jojoba oil and ylang-ylang, bamboo, algae, bees wax, cucumber extract and pearl chips.

How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
To give strength, flexibility and beauty of your nails need only 1 hour 30 minutes!

A little history

The Japanese have always been considered one of the most polite andcourteous nations.They converted most of dfferent procedures into a beautiful ritual. For example tea ritual.Every Japanese should know and have special skills, how to brew tea, which varieties can be mixed, which are served in the daytime, in the evening or in the morning. Young Japanese woman instilled feeling of the beauty since childhood. The ability to love your body, keep your hair and hands turns into a real science.

Well-groomed hands of every person, beautiful hair and flawless skin is your visit card. Japanese invented variety of beauty & spa rituals for great pleasure and opportunity to look naturally beautiful.

This procedure was recognized at Europe at early 1950th, and more than 400 years ago in Japan. This type of nail care refers to one of the most effective and aesthetic.

This will give your nails strength and flexibility and delicate natural non-agressive nail varnish colours.


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