Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring


Waxing & Sugaring services in ‘Healthy Looks’ beauty salon in Rufford Newark Nottinghamshire UK provides the Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring treatment to removal of unwanted hair.
We using various technologies and the best materials to keep Your skin smooth and healthy.


Price & booking

Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring 45 mins  from £ 7.50  Booking


What it is Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring ?

What it is - Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring? - Beauty Salon in Rufford Nottinghamshire

Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring is one of the methods of unwanted skin hair removal known from ancient time (Egypt).


Why this is done?

It makes skin neat and smooth and get reed of unwanted hair on yur body. Its absolutely preferable to shaving, becouse hair usually are not growing so fast, no irritation. Less chance to get ingrowing hair.


How is it done?

It is safe. It will not harm the skin, because it does not use potentially harmful. The way how its done is simple: thin layer of hot wax and paper or fabric stripes are removing your hair.

Waxing is suitable for all skin types, even those too sensitive for laser hair removal.


How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
On average, it takes no more than 45 mins – including pre- and post- care.


Booking: Bikini & Abdomen waxing / sugaring

You can book this service easy for any available time and day of the month via telephone call or via our on-line booking.
Only after You will receive an approval Email, your booking will be accepted. You can be sure that the booking time will be at your disposal.


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