Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy


The ‘Healthy Looks’ Cosmetic Clinic in Rufford Newark Nottinghamshire provides You with a face skin care the Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy to clear the skin from the very visible capillary network of blood vessels.
You are offered various technologies and the best materials to keep Your skin smooth and healthy. We do everything to make your looks was attractive and beautiful.


Price & booking

Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy 40 mins  £ 30  Booking


What it is Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy?

What it is Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy? - Cosmetic Clinic in Rufford Newark Nottinghamshire

Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy – after using glycolic acid cleansing foam, followed by anesthetic cream and injections with individual cocktails a more calming mask.

Why this is done?

The face skin care Anti-rosacea (rosacea) mesotherapy is used when skin surface is presented very noticeable capillary vascular net.

How is it done?

This skin care recommended as a course of 6 – 10 weekly treatments.

How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
To perform treatment your skin will take only 40 minutes!

Booking: Anti-rosacea (couperose) mesotherapy

Simple and Easy can You booking a this treatment on any available time and day.
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