Neurotoxin injections (Bocouture only) per IU


The ‘Healthy Looks’ Cosmetic Clinic in Rufford Notts UK provides You with face skin care treatment NEUROTOXIN INJECTIONS (BOCOUTURE ONLY) per IU that analogous to BOTOX causes temporary muscle relaxation to reduce the appearance for facial lines and wrinkles.
You are offered various technologies and the best materials to keep Your skin smooth and healthy. We do everything to make your looks was attractive and beautiful.


Price & booking

Neurotoxin injections (Bocouture only) per IU 80 mins  £ 20  Booking

IU – International Unit, meaning per point of injection.

What it is Neurotoxin injections (Bocouture only) per IU?

Neurotoxin injections (Bocouture only) per IU - Cosmetic Clinic in Rufford Nottinghamshire

It is a substance that causes temporary muscle relaxation. It’s been used safely for years, dermatologists use it to decrease the appearance for facial lines and wrinkles.

BOCOUTURE is analogous to BOTOX, and has fewer side effects and more pronounced effect. BOCOUTURE developed by the German pharmaceutical company Merz Pharma based on Botulinum toxin type A (150 Kd), free from complexing proteins. It also contains excipients: human albumin and sucrose.

Maximal amount if units injected in one session  14  IU
Minimal treatment (approx. two areas)  10  IU 

Correction treatment is FREE, but there is NO TOP UP treatment AT ALL.

Why this is done?

BOCOUTURE is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe:

  • vertical lines between the eyebrows seen at frown (glabellar frown lines),
  • lateral periorbital lines seen at maximum smile (crow’s feet lines)
    in adults below 65 years when the severity of these lines has an important psychological impact for the patient.

How is it done?

The effect of bocouture injection is achieved by relaxing the facial muscles – relaxing the muscles that form wrinkles. The result of the introduction of Bocouture injections is to eliminate wrinkles, smooth and smooth skin.

Method of administration:

  • BOCOUTURE is intended for intramuscular injection.
  • BOCOUTURE is injected using a thin sterile needle (e.g. 30 gauge needle), which leaves almost no trace on the face.
  • The procedure of Botox Bocouture injections takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • An improvement generally takes place within 2 to 6 days with the maximum effect observed on 14 – 30 day.
  • The effect lasts up to 3 months after the injection.
  • The intervals between treatments should not be shorter than 3 months (applies for both cases of full and half-strength neurotoxin treatments – this is due to risk of resistance to neurotoxin development).
  • First-time neurotoxin treatment clients to be treated with HALF-STRENGTH neurotoxin ONLY on the first session.

After the injections bocouture recommended:

  • do not sleep face down;
  • to prevent infection does not touch the injection site bocouture not massage it;
  •  a few days does not take a hot bath, do not go to the sauna;
  • do not drink alcohol for a few days after the injection bocouture;
  • after the injection of bocouture do not driving procedures (desirable);
  • on the day of the procedure and the next day not to use cosmetics at the injection site.

To learn more about Bocouture you can get here.

Merz Pharma Group announced that Bocouture® has been approved by European regulatory authorities for the treatment of upper facial lines, including horizontal frown lines, lateral periorbital lines and glabellar frown lines.
Bocouture is the only neurotoxin approved in Europe* for this combined upper facial lines indication.

How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
To perform treatment your skin will take only 80 minutes!

Booking: Neurotoxin injections (Bocouture only) per IU

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