Exceptional Super Lift Facial


Facials in ‘Healthy Looks’ spa & therapy salon in Rufford, Newark, Notts  UK provides EXCEPTIONAL SUPER LIFT FACIAL for reducing  the signs of the ageing of skin.
You are offered various technologies and the best products to keep your skin smooth and healthy.


Price & Online booking

Exceptional Super Lift Facial 1 hour 40 mins Was £80 now £40 Booking

SPECIAL OFFER: 15% off and gift if you buy a course of 6 treatments!

What it is – Exceptional Super Lift Facial?

What it is - Exceptional Super Lift Facial? - Facials in Rufford Newark Nottinghamshire

The Exceptional Super Lift Facial it is  intensive facial treatment that works on all the signs associated with ageing.

For this treatment use an extract rich in natural algae hormone (triple performance tested).

Ideally recommended as a course of 6 treatments – one per week.

Why this is done?

Treat moisture deficiency, fine lines and wrinkles.

Ideally suited for all skin types concerned with ageing and showing signs of deficiency particularly in menopause, i.e. lack of skin tone, dehydration and fragility.

How is it done?

This treatment gives elasticity of skin also filling deep wrinkles.

It is safe. It will not harm the skin, because it does not use potentially harmful chemicals or heat.

Ideally recommended as a course of 6 treatments – one per week.

How much time will it takes?

To perform treatment your skin will take only 1 hour 40 minutes!

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