Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire


Rituals & Programmes in ‘Healthy Looks’ SPA & Therapy salon in Rufford, Newark, Notts, UK provides the Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire treatment for peeling, slimming and body silhouette modelling.
You are offered the various technologies and the best materials to keep you young and healthy. We do everything to keep you healthy,attractive and beautiful.


Price & Online booking

Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire 1 hour 30 mins Was £55 now £30 Booking


What it is Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire?


What it is - Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire? - Spa & Therapy in Rufford Newark Nottinghamshire UK

It is a peeling, slimming, body silhouette modelling treatment.

Nova Slim+ is a great treatment for slimming, anti-ageing, and anti-cellulite removal purproces.

Why this is done?

Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire helps to achive results in slimming, anti-ageing, and anti-cellulite programmes. Also, it helps to renovate your skin and get rid dead skin cells for thouse who are going to the beach holiday.You will have a beautiful and an even color in your sun tanned skin. Visible results are apparent after the very first treatment!

Perfectly preparing your skin and body for sun holidays.

This treatment is suitable for Men and Women.

How is it done?

Innovated products used for this treatments helps slimming, anti-ageing, and anti cellulite aims. Also, AHA’s acids helps to renovate your skin and get rid of old skin cells.

How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
To perform this treatment will takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Booking: Nova Slim+ Ericson Laboratoire

Simply and easily you can book this treatment for any available time of the day and the month.
Only after You will receive an approval Email, Your booking will be accepted. You can be sure that the booking time will be at Your disposal.


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