Osmo-Thermy Ericson Laboratoire


The ‘Healthy Looks’ Rituals & Programs in Rufford, Newark, Notts, UK provides the OSMO-THERMY treatment of Ericson Laboratoire to remove toxins and waste product from your body and get ready to the anti-cellulite, firming or slimming rituals.
You are offered various technologies and the best materials. We try many ways to keep you healthy, attractive and beautiful.


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OSMO-THERMY Ericson Laboratoire 60 mins Was £45 now £30 Booking


What it is – OSMO-THERMY Ericson Laboratoire?


What it is - Osmo-Thermy Ericson Laboratoire? - Spa & Therapy in Rufford Newark Nottinghamshire

OSMO-THERMY treatment developed by French cosmetic company ERICSON LABORATOIRE.

OSMO-THERMY treatment developed by French cosmetic company by name of Ericson Laboratoire. This treatment are usually used as a kick-on start for a various slimming programms. OSMO THERMY aimed to elliminate and remove toxins and waste product from your body and get ready to the anti-cellulite,firming or slimming rituals. However, it can be done as a single treatment or Detox programm.

This treatment is recommended as a start of a slimming programme.

OSMOTHERMY treatment uses the beneficial effects of sea salt on the skin. The results of this procedure are remarkable!

Why this is done?

The Osmo-Thermy Ericson Laboratoire treatment bringing you a deep detox and relaxation as well as:

  • Relieves fatigue and stress.
  • Elimination of toxins and deep cleansing of body.
  • Nourishing the skin with trace elements, amino acids and vitamins.
  • The restoration of normal mineral composition of the skin.
  • Activate blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • The skin is smoothed, becomes velvety and tender.
  • The reduction of cellulite.

This treatment suited for ladies an gents. This is done to keep you healthy & beautiful.

How is it done?

Treatment starts from sea salt exfoliation for removing dead cells from your skin.It gives the healthy glow to your skin.
Followed by pure and essential oils OSMO-SENS (Relax) and OSMO-SENS (Cellulite) herbal body wrap.

A Lymphatic drainage massage afterwards, followed by OSMO-SENS Drainage serum and OSMO-SENS Energy cream massage.

How much time will it take?

It does not take a lot of time.
Its only need 60 minutes to perform this treatment!The cup of nice herbal tea of your choice are usually offered after this treatment for your full relaxation.

Booking: OSMO-THERMY Ericson Laboratoire

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